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I’m sorry.

Why not?

Why love when you can hate?

Why cry when you can punch?

Why smile when you can frown? 

Why Praise when you can blame?

Why feel when you can neglect?

Why love when you can hate?

Why act so humane?

Because to love, is to be vulnerable.

and to cry is to be exposed

and to smile is to urge

and to praise is to beg

and to feel is to surrender

and to think is to plunge

and to love is to be vulnerable

and to be human is to evolve

But each day we wrinkle

One day minus one day

synthesising a sphere of matter

matter that walks and talks and breathes

Why add more to the list?

Why feel?

Because love leads to hate

and to cry is to be punched

and smiling comes from frowning

and praising covers up blame

while feeling replaces touching

and thinking responds to neglect

and love leads to hate. 


(Source: thingsidontknow)